Vote with Vision, Defend the Election

As an Election Official I pledge to the following:

  • Count every eligible vote. This includes all absentee ballots and mail-in ballots.
  • Count votes as quickly as possible but be thorough , (while maintaining safety standards) so that results are not delayed.
  • Be as cautious and conservative as possible when rejecting ballots for potential minor mistakes (these potential mistakes will vary depending on state voting protocols). Train poll workers and election judges to use discretion that leans towards the voters. Do so in a fair and transparent manner.
  • Use plain language when communicating potentially confusing laws to voters or poll monitors.
  • Make sure that poll workers are trained on the access that poll monitors should have and what to do with disruptive and intimidating poll monitors.
  • Debunk any suggestion that the November 2020 election may be delayed or cancelled. Not only is this unconstitutional without congressional approval, it needlessly spreads fear and uncertainty.
  • Be as transparent as possible when encountering any technical problems or when any mistakes of any kind are made. Post ballot results publicly if able.
  • Apply election laws in as consistently of a manner as possible and seek legal counsel if needed.
  • Be transparent in identifying which officials are responsible for counting the votes so there is a level of accountability.
  • Store early voting machines in a safe and secure location , where they are watched and maintained so as to not lose any ballots according to laws and regulations.
  • If there is an explicit reason not to offer a voter a regular ballot offer them a provisional (also called an affidavit or challenge ballot) where applicable. Notify anyone who receives a provisional ballot clear instructions on how to cure it (i.e., make it count) and how to track the status of that ballot.
  • Avoid the presence of law enforcement officers at polling places and drop boxes when possible (i.e., only call law enforcement as a last resort to handle problems there).

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